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  Paca Punch 

for your plants

Welcome to Moat Farm where Sally and Simon have been keeping alpacas since 2012.

We are passionate about these beautiful animals, their fabulous fleece and "waste products"


As keen gardeners we soon saw the benefits of using our abundant supply of alpaca poo!

The quality and quantity of our fruit, flowers and vegetables has dramatically improved!

We noticed plants were healthier, blooms more colourful and vegetables more abundant.

The soil structure was also transformed being easier to dig and make excellent seed beds.


As the herd numbers grew (yes we started breeding!) we made a solution of the paca poo to water on tomatoes and other plants in the greenhouse. WOW what a result. The tomatoes were bigger and full of flavour and the plants healthy and green.

In the house we had some geraniums that were getting past their best but once we

started feeding them Paca Punch they were rejuvenated and began to bloom again!

Paca Punch is high in Potash - essential for fruit and flowers. It contains Magnesium which is  important for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis and Phosphate for root growth.

We are confident that you will see the benefits of using this sustainable product on your plants.


Sprouting Broccoli


The Autumn Border


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