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Where can I use Paca Punch?

Paca Punch can be used on any plants both inside your home and in the garden Any plant that needs a tonic will benefit from regular dosing and being a liquid feed it will quickly be taken up.
If you suspect a trace element deficiency use Paca Punch as a foliar feed, this is the quickest way to correct a problem as the nutrients are rapidly absorbed by both sides of the leaves. Do not foliar feed in direct sunlight.

How often do I use Paca Punch?

From our experience we recommend using Paca Punch on a weekly basis. We advise dampening dry soil with plain water before feeding Paca Punch. This will ensure optimum uptake without waste.

Is Paca Punch chemical free?

Most definitely! Paca Punch is sustainably produced on the farm using our own water supply and alpaca manure gathered regularly from the fields. Nothing is added or taken away. Once bottled it is then pasteurised using heat from the biomas boiler which is fuelled by sustainably sourced woodchip.