Moat Alpacas Paca Punch weekend 17th December

These houseplants are coming into their own now and giving a real show of winter colour. The Christmas cactus on the right will be in full bloom for next weekend!

We feed these with half strength Paca Punch throughout the winter as the potash really makes a difference to the blooms and their longevity.

Our perennial border has been a delight this autumn and the dahlias have excelled once again.

After the first frosts, the top growth slowly dies down and we leave to as long as possible for the birds to benefit from any seeds.

Today is clearance day and all the growth is removed and composted. The bare ground will receive a 3-4 inch dressing of alpaca manure picked from the paddocks this winter. This really provides all the nutrients required for next year's display and improves the soil at the same time.

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