Paca Punch and Moat Alpacas Weekend 24th September

Despite the lack of rain the L'aimant Roses are still "blooming marvellous" The scent is amazing too especially in the evening.

We have had to water the main border of dahlias as the foliage was starting to wilt

Cut back lavender

Light pruning helps to keep lavender compact and rounded, rather than leggy and bare at the base. Use secateurs or shears to trim away the old flowering spikes and the top 2-3cm of leaves.

Don't cut back into old wood as the plants may not shoot and recover.

Doing this now will keep the bush in great shape.

Save your own seed (and money)

Now is the perfect time to save your own seed before the wet weather sets in. We have been saving small brown paper bags and we simply slip one over the seed head and rub seeds into it. Write on the bag what it is and colour etc and leave to dry in a warm place.

Dig up Potatoes

We are lifting the remainder of our potatoes before it gets too wet and the slugs do their worst!

We check over any that have blight or damaged by the fork and the good ones we store in paper sacks in a cool dry shed.

Check regularly and enjoy!

Finally a few jobs have built up as we managed to have our first holiday for 2 years!

One thing on the list is to clear all the leaves from the rose bed to try to prevent black spot next year.

Once cleared we will then give it a good mulch of alpaca poo!

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