Paca Punch Bank Holiday Weekend Garden Tips 30th April

With the continued cold and dry spell, grass at Moat Farm is at a premium so........

Bob has resorted to mowing the lawn!

Maintain dead heading of pansies and primula as well as any other winter flowering plants to prolong flowering.

The biting cold winds and frost this month have damaged the tips of several plants like this Hebe. We are not going to trim and shape it until the night time temperatures start to rise.

Start planting out summer bulbs like gladioli and lilies.

If you’re planning to use them for successional colour, plant a handful a week or so apart from now onwards, to extend the display. You can plant gladioli corms directly into borders, adding plenty of organic matter – well-rotted manure is good. Or plant in pots that you can plunge into borders as they come into flower. Make sure you plant them with at least twice the depth of the bulb soil/compost covering. It is also a good idea to put a bit of grit under the bulb to aid drainage.

As border plants grow, support them now and the supports will disappear as they fill out.

We make these supports from 6mm round steel.

Cut into lengths and bend around a small tree or we use a car wheel to give the semi circle hoop at the top. Next bend the legs at right angles and you have an economic sturdy support that will last for years.

The rusty weathering makes them look very natural.

Rambling and Climbing Roses don't cling and just want to grow upwards!

As the rose grows, encourage growth horizontally by bending over and tying in. This restricts sap flow and will ensure new growth shoots up and produces more flowers!

Keep dead heading daffodils before they set seed. This will ensure that the energy goes back into the bulb rather than being used to make seeds.

As ever Ruby our spaniel just has to get involved.

Before the foliage dies away water with a high potash feed like Paca Punch. This will help build the bulb up for an even better show next year.


As it is so dry, water the soil first before applying any feed - that way the feed will be better utilised by the plant.

Tie in fast growing clematis and honeysuckle

If variegated plants like Eunonymus are reverting back to green or losing variegation, then cut out that branch right back to the stem.

Spaces in borders can be filled with Love in a Mist and / or Californian Poppies.

Easy to grow, simply scatter some seed now into well prepared soil.

They love a sunny spot.

You may have to keep them watered at present to get them germinated!

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe those weeds!

One good thing about this dry spell is that if you keep slicing off the tops of unwanted plants then the roots will really struggle to survive.

We have spent a lot of time removing bind weed this week and it is amazing how far and deep the roots go!


Keep filling up the bird bath. Nesting birds really appreciate a regular water source and our bird bath soon empties!

Hedgehogs are out and about and love tinned dog or cat food - avoid fish based ones.

Make a bee hotel by cutting off the end of a plastic bottle and fill it with paper rolls. Make these by rolling around a pencil. Hang from a bush and watch them take up residence!

And Finally at the end of National Gardening Week, today is the last chance to save 10% on our Paca Punch for your Plants.

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