Paca Punch Bank Holiday Weekend Tips 28th May

As the Bank Holiday Weekend approaches its time to find out the results if you have locked away your mower this month with the “Every Flower Counts” survey to discover how many bees your lawn can feed. You can register here Simply count the number of open flowers in a 1 meter square of your lawn and submit before the 31st for your bespoke report.

Here's part of our grass that we have let grow. Saved us time, petrol and the environment!


To get your garden full of vibrant colour later in the summer, start feeding flowering plants with a high potassium feed like Paca Punch. Plants use potassium for the growth of flowers and fruit. Using liquid Paca Punch feed regularly gives plants a fast input of essential nutrients.


Last week we saw our first aphids on the roses now it's powdery mildew. It's a fungus producing airborne spores from infected stems or buds on roses. After overwintering on the roses, the disease is most likely to flare up if the roots are in dry soil and the leaves are in humid air – conditions that are often found when plants are grown near or against a wall.

This one is against the house and as it's affecting the buds we will have to spray.

I've been told that a week solution of milk (10-1 with water) can help as can baking soda about 3 teaspoons per gallon. Not tried either yet! Otherwise it's the chemical route!

This is a bit more straight forward as there are a few leaves infected on roses in the border so I'm going to pick them off and put them in the council's recycling bin where the higher temperatures they compost at will kill the fungus and it won't spread to other parts of our garden!

We'll put out our weeper hose around the rose bed and give the roots a good soak too.


At last some warmer nights so the tomatoes are starting to flower. As the fruits set we are feeding with Paca Punch Plus - it's extra nitrogen and Potash will ensure great fruits in a few weeks time.

We're also using it on the cucumbers and aubergines.


Our loofa is growing. Last week we shared an image of our loofa which we had just potted up at 15 inches this week it's 39 inches and they can grow to 20 feet! Hopefully we'll get some back scrubbing loofas before they take over!


Our Girls are checking out the likeness ahead of going to Helmingham Hall Spring Plant Fair this weekend. We're taking plenty of their Paca Punch plant feed, fleece for spinning and much more. Hope to see you there and enjoy the warmer weather in your gardens!

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