Paca Punch Easter Weekend Tips 2nd April

Good Friday is traditionally the day to plant potatoes either in trenches or bags

Potato Trench Potato Bag Chitted Potatoes

Which ones to grow?

First early potatoes are ready to harvest around 10 weeks after planting.

Second early potatoes are ready to harvest around 13 weeks after planting.

Maincrop potatoes are ready to harvest around 20 weeks after planting.

Plant eye side up 9 in. deep (23cm) 1 ft apart (30cm) in rows 2ft apart (60cm)

Earth up as the shoots emerge and through the growing season as this helps weed control

Plant pea seed in open ground, gutters to slide in later, or in old toilet roll centres.

If mice are a problem eating the seed, then cover with prickly holly leaves or brambles!

When the weather and ground conditions allow, prepare trenches for runner beans by digging in some well rotted manure or garden compost and then backfill the soil.


Plant more flowers e.g. Petunias, Antirrhinums, Lobelia and Verbena.

Seedlings growing well will benefit from pricking out into small pots now.

Water carefully too much water is as bad as too little!.


Time for a mow but not too low!.

Set your blades high we don't want to scalp it in this unpredictable weather !.

And most of all, enjoy the wonderful spring colours this Easter.

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