Paca Punch for your Plants

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We started keeping alpacas in 2012 when we purchased our first 3 animals from a local breeder who was retiring.

One of the instructions we received when they arrived was "Pick up the poo regularly". This we did and put it straight onto the garden.

We soon noticed plants were looking healthier, blooms more colourful and vegetables more

abundant. The soil structure was also transformed being easier to dig and made excellent seed beds.

As the herd grew in numbers (yes we started breeding!) we began to make a solution of the paca poo to water on the tomatoes and other plants in the greenhouse. WOW what a result. The tomatoes were bigger and full of flavour and the plants were healthy and green.We had an abundance of fruit and vegetables as well!

In the house we had some geraniums that were getting past their best but once we started feeding them Paca Punch they rejuvenated and began to bloom again!

We had Paca Punch analysed and found it to be high in Potash which is essential for flowers and fruit and also Magnesium which is important for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis. It also contains Phosphate for root development.

We are now producing it for you - give it a try and see how well your plants flourish from this sustainably produced natural fertiliser.

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