Paca Punch Moat Alpacas Weekend 20th August

Last weekend was the East of England fleece show and Moat Alpacas Isla was awarded first place fawn fleece.

She has a dense, fine fleece with a wonderful handle and we are delighted with her.

It's been a busy week as we prepare for our open afternoon on the 5th September. The weeds seem to grow feet in a day with the damp conditions helping them along.


The humid weather with cool nights has meant that tomato blight has been an issue. We had the start in our greenhouse and picked the leaves off.

We have also reduced watering to every other day (they haven't needed so much as it's not been hot) and watered in the morning to avoid humidity being trapped in. It seems to be working!


With talk of turkey shortages at Christmas at least we can have potatoes! Plant in bags now in some soil at least 10cm (4inches) deep and add more soil on top of the plants, known as the top growth shows through. They will eventually flower and when the top growth dies down.

Potatoes need a dormancy period so seed may be best to use.

We like Duke of York suitable for roasting or boiling.


Over the next few weeks we will continue deadheading to maintain flowering well into the autumn. We cut back to a leaf node to encourage new growth. Here I am cutting back a climbing rose on the house, but the same applies to almost anything.

As the bottle brush blooms fade, now is a good time to lightly prune. We don't do too much unless branches are in the way. Again we cut back tom a leaf node but only a couple of inches from the end of the shoot.

As part of the British Alpaca Society Farm Day we will be having an open afternoon on the 5th September from 2-5. Entry is free and there will be afternoon tea served in the garden. Come and see this year's cria and talk all things alpaca!

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