Paca Punch Moat Alpacas weekend 23rd July

The 2021 Cria are thriving and they are now all over 4 weeks old. They are starting to eat hard feed and soon learn to come into the creep pen.

It's been an amazingly hot week and harvest is well underway. It's a great feeling when the winter straw is carted and in the barn. The golden straw will be a reminder of summer in the depths of winter!

As August approaches we can now enjoy the colours in the borders and all the hard work pays off.

The vibrant colours are fed by our alpaca manure!


The second early potatoes are flowering nicely and now is the time to keep them watered. Eventually the foliage will die down and then it will be time to see what is underneath! Lift carefully and these will keep for a couple of months

Shallots are ready to harvest when the foliage starts to turn yellow in July or August. Lift the bulb clusters with a hand fork and carefully separate the individual bulbs. They can either be used straight away, or dried and stored for later use and should keep for at least six to eight months.

The cherries are ripe and we are enjoying as many as we can eat.

We also add some to brandy and vodka and this is a real winter warmer.

For some reason we are not troubled by birds taking them and don't know why?

The late frosts has meant yield is down and the rain has made some split.

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