Paca Punch Moat Alpacas Weekend 30th July

Moat Farm Filigree gave birth to her first cria last Sunday a fawn girl we have called Moat Farm Jewel. Her sire is Appledene Apollo and we mated her last August the 1st. At last the Is she ? isn't she? will she?, won't she? wait is over and that completes the birthing for this year. We've had 3 girls and 3 boys.

Some of this year's cria with Hot Tottie photo bombing from the other side of the fence!

The Agapanthus has come out well with all the rain and sun we have had this week. They like to be tightly packed into their pots for optimum flower production!. They need to be consistently moist between April and September. Bring pots undercover in October and they will require very little water until spring. Water newly planted agapanthus regularly.

There are still no flowers on the loofa plants which have grown into the roof.

Loofa require a long growing season and we are keeping the compost moist and water them in the morning to discourage mildew.

They do not require as much water as courgettes or marrows.

The runner beans are coming thick and fast in the vegetable garden. The warm and wet conditions have meant little additional watering this year.

We've just got to keep picking them to make sure they are young and tender to eat!. All the excess will be packed away in the freezer !.

The sweet corn is swelling fast now, we can't wait for those tasty cobs delicious straight from the garden with a little bit, or a lot of butter and a dash of pepper!.


We are taking part in the National Alpaca Farm Day on September 5th organised by the British Alpaca Society and will be opening from 2-5pm. Come and meet our alpacas and this year's cria.

Learn more about these fascinating animals (we are always learning). Alpaca products will be on sale, hand spinning demonstrations and enjoy afternoon tea in our garden.

Entry is free and we hope that you can join us

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