Paca Punch Tips

Monday sees the meteorological start of spring and with a good forecast here are a few to do tips this weekend.

In the Greenhouse;

Start sowing seeds such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, aubergine and an early start for outdoor plants such as beetroot, leeks and celeriac.

Keep ventilated on warmer days but don't forget to close at night!

Start feeding Paca Punch liquid feed @ 10mls per litre to your pot plants. We recommend that you moisten the soil / compost first so that feed is not wasted.

In the Vegetable Garden;

Feed Paca Punch to your spring greens to give them a boost. Check out your sprouting broccoli and pick regularly to keep them producing.

Use a rhubarb forcer or tall bucket with straw around the crown to get early, sweet sticks in about 6-8 weeks.


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