Paca Punch Weekend 16th July

A busy weekend ahead as we are exhibiting at the Norfolk Garden Show at the Norfolk Showground Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Today has been amazing talking to lots of customers new and old. A bit breezy but lots of sunshine and not too hot.

The Dahlias on the big border are just starting to bloom. Some of the plants have had black fly on the stems below the buds and we have been removing them by rubbing our fingers up and down to squash them. It was good to see some ladybirds helping out as well.

This is an interesting standard rose "Remember Me". All the blooms should be the apricot colour at the top of the bush. However since we have had it, it has produced a sucker below the graft that produces a pink moss rose type flower unfortunately the colours clash a bit!

However we love the interesting contrast!

Last November we set an avocado stone in some water with a few drops of Paca Punch. The root system soon developed and now it is a strong plant nearly a meter tall.

The leaves are a really dark green and have been fed weekly on Paca Punch.

Whilst we don't expect to get any fruit it is still a really interesting plant to have in the house.

Some of our girls went for a trip to visit a male this week. It was a 5am start so we left the trailer tailboard down overnight to make loading easy. The next morning they were all ready loaded and ready for the off !!.

Still 1 more cria to be born hopefully this week!

More next week when we things have quietened down .Enjoy the great weather

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