Paca Punch Weekend 18th June

All is safely gathered in just before the rain. On one of the hottest days of the year we managed to get all the winter hay in the barn. Alpacas and humans equally relieved.


More births this week with cria number 4 - a cracking fawn coloured girl we have named Juno (check out Greek Gods). Her mum, Drusilla, is a big girl and already Juno's head is level with her shoulders!


We have had nearly 3 inches of rain yesterday and today but nevertheless our hanging baskets and troughs still rely on us for water and feed. It is essential to keep feeding a high Potash fertiliser like Paca Punch plant feed. It also has high magnesium levels that aid photosynthesis.

Roses can be successfully grown in containers and these wonderful roses have been fed Paca Punch since early spring. The owner is delighted with the results!

Magnesium also helps to keep the plant healthy along with the trace elements you can find in Paca Punch.

Deadhead roses, herbaceous plants like lupins, and annual bedding plants as they finish flowering. By doing so you will extend the flowering season well into autumn.

Remove any suckers coming up from the base of roses. If you are not sure then count the leaves - generally there are 7 leaflets and are a pale green as are the stems which are often smooth.


Stake gladiolus flowering stems to ensure they stay upright. A cane per flower spike and some twine will be time well spent now to ensure great flowers.

The same goes for dahlias which are really growing away now. We use homemade metal hoops that we push in around the plant which then grows up and hides the supports. These will then stand any wind and rain and will help give a great display in the autumn.



Keep sowing Dwarf French Beans every 3 weeks outside. Later sowings can crop really well as they perform better in the cooler autumns. If you have some seed left over then you can sow some in the greenhouse in August for a small crop in the autumn.

Remove side shoots from your tomato plants on varieties that require it.

Pinch them out as close to the main stem as you can. If you would like some later tomatoes then it is easy to root new plants by putting the side shoot in some water for a few days when roots will appear and then plant.

Keep feeding tomatoes with Paca Punch Plus Natural Plant feed. High in Potash and Nitrogen for excellent results.


Slugs are prevalent at the moment and will munch their way through your hostas, runner beans, delphiniums and much more!

Black ground beetles are the natural predator of slugs and caterpillars so are worth encouraging

Make your own bottle trap. We cut the top of a plastic water bottle and put the upturned neck into the base and put a little beer in the bottom. Bury the trap near your affected plants so that the opening is flush with the surface of the soil. The slugs will find their way in and have a final drink of ale and not your plants! We use our home brew!



This week the tallest loofah measures in at 138 inches having grown from 107 inches last week. It has doubled over so we are going to have to train it along the roof next!

There are side shoots coming but no flowers yet!

Have a great gardening weekend!

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