Paca Punch Weekend 25th June

Our 5th Alpaca Cria of the season fawn coloured - Jiminy Cricket sired by Herts Alpacas Bandit was born this week. Weighing in at just 6.5kg he has had a jacket to keep him warm on the cold nights. We're pleased to say that he is putting on weight and is now 7.5kg and thriving.

He joins below Jackdaw, Juno, Jenson and (weany) Jeanie

Mums and babies all doing well.


In June the garden is full of bloom but it doesn't just happen!

Wisteria have been amazing this year but need pruning twice a year. The summer one is coming up in July

Prune them by cutting back the whippy growths made during the summer so they are within five or six buds of the main stem. This encourages the formation of flower buds for next year.

Deadhead roses as the flowers fade this will ensure a second flush later in the year.

Rather than just taking off the old flower, cut back to a bud in an outward facing leaf axil. This encourages strong new shoots and keeps the centre of the plant open.

Feed now with a High Potash Feed like Paca Punch

We have had a magnificent display of lupins, but as they go over remove the seed pods.

This will ensure another flowering in a few weeks time albeit the spikes will be smaller.

Our clematis is at it's best at the moment. It is on a south facing wall of the farmhouse and soaks up the sun. The white flowers with purple edges contrast against the render.



Nothing like home grown produce.

There is still time to sow seeds for picking produce later in the season.

We have started off some more beetroot and cover the seedlings with fleece to protect from the dreaded flea beetle chomping there way through them!

We have been enjoying the first of this years carrot crop and will be taking the last chance to plant some more Autumn King seed this weekend.

We did the same last year and it kept us in carrots right through the winter.

Again cover with fleece to protect from carrot root fly. By planting now we will have missed the first wave of these pests but the eggs hatch out after approximately one week and the larvae will start to feed on the carrot roots. It takes about three months for the larvae to develop into mature adults and start again!

Bob the pony enjoys the ones that don't make it to the table!

The lettuce this year have been amazing and to keep up the supply we are planting a few every 2 weeks. These ones will be on the plate in a couple of weeks time.

Sow swedes and turnips if you didn’t do so last month. Thin out seedlings and if necessary cover with fleece to keep off birds and cabbage root fly.

Leaf vegetables

Continue sowing seeds of Swiss chard and spinach beet.

Radishes Sow a few salad radishes in small quantities throughout the month for a constantly replenishing crop.

Runner beans This is your last opportunity for sowing runner beans. With luck, seeds sown at the end of June may provide you with a crop as late as October or at least until the first frosts.

French Beans at last. These are grown in pots in the greenhouse and are really delicious.

We continue to plant seeds to keep us in fresh beans through the autumn.

We have feed these with Paca Punch Plus since flowering.

Last week we removed a side shoot from one of our tomatoes and put it in water. After just a few days it has struck some roots! We will keep it in water for now and then pot it up to see what happens. A great way of generating new plants for friends!


Here is some of the blossom that we are enjoying at the height of summer. It's an amazing time of year and the flowers are alive with insects and pollinators!



Well we've officially hit the roof! The only way is along now. Side shoots are coming in all directions but still waiting for flowers!

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