Paca Punch Weekend 2nd July

No more Cria born this week and below are the five that we have had so far and waiting for 1 more arrival in a couple of weeks. All growing really well.

Every year we move up one letter of the alphabet when naming offspring and this year it's J. It makes it easy when trying to remember ages. So GiGi and Guinevere were both born in 2018 and have had their first babies together this year.

With a gestation period of nearly a year we have to plan ahead. We start mating now as we like to have our youngsters born in the summer whilst it's warm and there is plenty of grass. Hopefully this mating will produce a cria this time next year.

There's always a queue!



We've had the blackfly move in on the dahlias this week and aphids continue on the roses. At present we are able to control by rubbing them off with our fingers as we don't want to have to reach for the chemicals.


After No Mow May

We were joking with a friend who had done No Mow May with us about how difficult it was to get the lawn back to shape. He managed to lose a hose pipe in his until he found it with the mower!

Sorry Nigel!

With all the rain we have had, the lawn and paddocks are still green and growing well.

We have still left areas where we have orchids and other wild flowers growing so that they can flower and set seed.

Of course with all this rain comes the weeds and it is a full time job (when not with the pacas) to keep on top of them.

Here we are hoeing the L'Aimant rose bed for the second time this week!

They have a fantastic perfume and are a repeat flowering floribunda - most years lasting up until Christmas.

A great sight as we look out from the kitchen window.



Everything is looking green and healthy. The brassicas are pigeon and caterpillar free for now. The new potatoes are almost ready for lifting and the tassels are nearly appearing on the sweet corn.

We are picking strawberries everyday enjoying them with a little cream and sugar.

They will be particularly good with a Friday prosecco tonight. 🥂


We found this muntjac fawn concealed in the long grass in one of the paddocks grazed by our yearlings. We carefully took this picture and retreated. It did not move a muscle as part of it's self defence.

The next day mum had returned and they had moved on.

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