Paca Punch Weekend 4th June

It's been a busy week at Moat Farm;

We started at stunning Helmingham Hall for the spring plant fair. Brilliant weather, lots of people enjoying themselves and visiting our stand just great to alpaca chat!

On Wednesday we welcomed our first cria of the season weighing in at 8.8 kg.

We haven't named him yet but here he is at the milk bar of mum Elspeth and then greeting

aunty Drusilla

With the longer and warmer evenings we've been able to make progress in the garden

We managed to plant out the runner beans at last!

We are lucky to have our own bamboo plants to supply the canes.

Some of the sweetcorn being planted in squares to aid wind pollination these are one of our family's favourites. There is nothing better than picking the delicious, sweet cobs just a few minutes before cooking!

Whilst weeding the border we had a competition to see who could dig out the longest bind weed root. This one was almost 16 inches long - very satisfying to think it won't give any more troublesome shoots!

Sadly still plenty left behind that will.

It's been difficult to get on the border earlier because the daffodils were still flowering and even now there is still a lot of green

After weeding comes the great job of planting annuals to fill the gaps. Here we are putting in cosmos. Each planting hole gets some water with a little Paca Punch in to help the roots establish and put the moisture where it is needed.

These plants were sown back in March and have had the tips taken out to encourage more flowers.

No Mow May comes to an end but now it's let it bloom June #LetItBloomJune

Having not had the mower out for a month, it didn't want to start and I could have easily given it a miss too!

We've decided to keep this part of the lawn unmown as there is a lot of speedwell and with the backdrop of the cow parsley it makes an attractive part of the garden.


And now the next thing for us to get involved with, to help scientists understand whether there really is an ‘insect apocalypse’ underway in the UK is the Bugs Matter Survey.

Insects underpin our natural world and their numbers can help us to better understand what is happening in our environment.

The concept is simple;

Download the Bugs Matter Natural Apptitude from your app store either IOS or Android

Clean the number plate before making an essential journey in a vehicle.

When you reach your destination, count the bugs squashed on the number plate using a ‘splatometer’ grid that will be posted to you when you sign up.

A photo and details are then be submitted via the app.

Further details can be found here.

I don't know about you but we've definitely noticed a decline in splats on our windscreen and well remember years ago having a car engine overheat because the radiator was choked with insects!



Our triffid continues to march ahead growing nearly 30 inches this week!

Last week we measured the tallest at 39 inches and this afternoon (after standing on a step ladder!) it was 68 inches .

We are watering in a tray that the pots are standing in and using Paca Punch Plus once a week. At this rate it will hit the roof in a couple of weeks!

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