Paca Punch Weekend Garden Tips 9th April

After a week of weather extremes we had spring on Easter Sunday and very cold wind and snow just 2 days later! plants in the garden will need some TLC this weekend.

Having come through a very wet winter, the ground is now drying out quickly and it will be a good idea to water and feed newly planted trees, shrubs and hedges.

In the fruit garden weed, water and feed around currant and gooseberry bushes, raspberry canes and strawberry plants 🍓 (especially if they are in pots).

After weeding around the base, if the soil is particularly dry give it a good watering (and I mean a really thorough watering – drench several times, don't merely wet the surface) and feed with Paca Punch. Next spread a good layer of mulch around the tree or bush or along the line of cane fruits. Distribute it evenly, spreading the mulch out to the extent of the canopy above or the area you have weeded and fed. Rake it out to leave a final depth of 7-10cm (3-4in).

The mulch will then slow evaporation of the moisture below and reduce the amount of watering you might need to do later in spring.

If you are still preparing the vegetable garden, and you have some winter veg in the way of your digging, for example perhaps leeks, simply dig them up and heel them in in a corner until you need them and then you can get on with the job!

Start feeding and watering roses and summer flowering shrubs. Keep on hoeing the weeds!

In the Greenhouse

Keep your potting compost in the greenhouse and not out in the cold so this won't shock tender seedlings as you prick them out.

Likewise keep your watering can filled and leave in the greenhouse so that it's not chilled when you water. Use tap water and not from the water butt to avoid disease and damping off.

Thin out overcrowded seedlings to give the strongest a good start.

There is still time to sow Sprouting Broccoli, Leeks and Cauliflowers.

Why not sow some early radishes and salad leaves in pots on a windowsill.

Keep sowing summer cabbage varieties to plant out later on in May.

Sow sunflowers in warmth for a late summer display and food for the birds through the winter.

As the daffodils finish flowering remember to deadhead as this will allow the plant to put goodness into the bulb rather than a seed head. Feed with Paca Punch now to

build the bulb up for next year.



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