Paca Punch Weekend Tips

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Be patient with purple sprouting broccoli!

Don't nip out the first central spike too soon but wait for evidence of side shoots to allow for more floret production.

Take your secateurs with you when in the garden - there's plenty to do with them at this time of year.

Hard prune shrubs grown for winter bark colour such as Cornus.

Prune autumn fruiting raspberries, late flowering clematis, and there is still time for the roses.

Hedges should be clipped by the end of March and apply a mulch.

In the Vegetable Garden

Put out cloches about 2 weeks before sowing early vegetables to warm the soil and help get the seedlings established.

Cover strawberry plants with cloches to encourage early fruit.

Finish winter digging if soil is dry enough, but don't venture on if too wet otherwise you will compact and damage the soil structure.

In the greenhouse.

Take cuttings from your fuchsias, geraniums and dahlias when shoots appear.

Sow some early carrots in a container.

Why not sow some salad leaves they will be ready in a few weeks for some tasty leafy salads.


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