Paca Punch Weekend Tips 12th March

Once the alpaca halter training class is completed and with a settled forecast for the weekend, this is what we'll be up to in the garden

It's a good time to divide or replace plants in herbaceous borders. These Bergenia are easy to split with 2 forks back to back and prise apart. Use this method for well established large clumps and replant as soon as possible. After the rain we had this week, mulch borders with well rotted manure. Composted shredded clippings, leaf mould and wood chip all make good mulch (but can deplete nitrogen). This will retain moisture and inhibit weed growth.

Move snowdrops in the green to help them spread - simply lift the plants, divide and replant. You can also divide aconites now in the same way.

If you have a heated propagator or warm windowsill sow perennials to flower later this year for example Achillea (above) and Echinacea. You can also start chillies, sweet peppers and perennial herbs. Always use a good quality seed compost and get the temperature right as seeds do like warmth.


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