Paca Punch Weekend Tips 19th March

The Alpaca news !

We brought our expectant alpaca mums home this week from their winter pasture to some fresh new grass and a paddock next to our house so we can keep an eye on them. Their babies (cria) are not due until early June after a long gestation of nearly a year !.

Here are a few things to be doing in the garden this weekend;

In the Greenhouse

Pick off old dead leaves on established pot plants to prevent pests and diseases.

Remove old compost on the top of pot plants and replenish with new. Don't forget any that are in the house!

Re pot plants with roots showing underneath to 1 size larger.

Prick out seedlings and cuttings.

Sow more sweet peas for successional flowering.

Sow carrots in tubs for early harvesting

Cut back old leaves on Hellebores for a better show of flowers and to prevent leaf spot.

It's not too late to plant new Roses.

Alpines will benefit from a top dressing of grit to prevent stem rot and show off the flowers.

Deadhead winter Pansies and

Primula to prolong flowering.

Check trees, climbers and wall shrubs are well supported and ties are secure. Weed and mulch around the base. Prune winter flowering Jasmine when flowers are fading to keep the plant in good shape and also cut out dead or damaged stems. It would then benefit from a mulch.

Start to keep the weeds at bay by hoeing and mulching wherever possible, the earlier the better!

In the Veg Garden.

Plant onion sets and shallots on well prepared ground.

Prepare more ground for planting when weather allows.

Most of all enjoy the colours and emerging signs of spring and don't forget Gardeners' World returning to our televisions tonight!

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