Paca Punch Weekend Tips 26 March

With the ground starting to dry out now is a great time to get on with outside tasks;


Edge up the borders before the grass starts to grow into them. It's a good idea to have the border slope down to below the grass edge. This will not only make it look neat, but also help to keep weed free throughout the summer. If the edges look good then so does the whole border!


If you are lucky enough to have an asparagus bed then now is the time to weed and mulch it to get ready for succulent spears in May.

Rhubarb will benefit as well but don't cover the crowns - this is where the growth happens. Mulch trees and shrubs but keep it away from touching the stems.


Start some dwarf French Beans off in containers or bags to get a really early taste of summer in June.

Sow lettuce, celeriac, spinach, aubergines and any veg that you enjoy.

Sow petunias in a warm propogator.

Plant lily and summer bulbs in pots or the border. Feed ericaceous shrubs such as Rhododendrons Camelias and Pieris with Paca Punch Plus with extra Nitrogen.

Keep deadheading spring flowers.

We now have Paca Punch Plus with extra nitrogen for all those hungry plants.

This is ideal at the moment for brassicas and the rhubarb! In the summer use on tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and peppers.

Our alpacas are hard at work "pooducing" for the busy times ahead!

Hoe Hoe Hoe -

No it's not Christmas but the spring mantra. Keep chopping off those pesky weeds and they will gradually get the message that they are not wanted here!

Finally the clocks go forward at 1am on Sunday. Although that means we will lose 1 hour of valuable sleep and gardening this weekend, just think about the longer evenings coming this week.

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