Pacapunch Weekend 21st January

We have weaned last years cria a couple of weeks ago and now halter training is starting in earnest.

Below are Jeanie (left) and Jewel. Both are really well grown girls and are now 7 months of age. With the halter shows fast approaching we are preparing them for the excitement of the show ring.

They are also very good at collecting all the twigs, moss and hay on the paddock!

As one judge commented, "paddock condition is acceptable but please don't bring the whole paddock with you!

We'll post more pictures of the "students" over the coming weeks.

January is hedge cutting and pruning at Moat Farm. The main problem with pruning is the clippings! Here is one of the first loads ready to be cleared!

We've been taking advantage of the mild and dry weather to prune the roses as well.

We've shaped up our apple tree and taken out old and crossing wood. Last winter we took out some big branches and the tree went into overdrive and threw up watskywards. We pruned these out last summer and now it's a bit more controllable.

We've made these nest boxes from some offcuts of plywood in the workshop. If you look closely in the apple tree above you can see one of them attached to the trunk and waiting for some takers. The bird song and mild temperatures suggests it won't be long!

What better way for the bird's to line their nest than with "Fleece for Fledglings"

Simply hang the packs on a tree or bush and watch the nest builders help themselves to 100% alpaca fibre to keep their offspring cosy.

Click HERE to view more details.

Even though we are in the depths of winter, don't forget to feed your plants.

Paca Punch contains Phospate (root development) and Potash (flower development) and we are using it half strength indoors and outside once a month to ensure our plants keep healthy and get off to a good start when the longer days arrive.

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